Process Diary (2) – Further Research and Project Proposal

Idea(s) and Research(es)

Primary idea in the previous OPD: The primary idea is to put a (a1 size) mirror on the easel.

In the last diary, I haven’t mentioned the use of the cartoon box. It acts as a limitation of this exhibition. However, I believe when viewing an artwork, viewers should not be trapped by too many limitations because the easel is already one of the limitations. Therefore, I have decided to cut the box into pieces in thread shape, and spread them on the floor within the area limited.

By stating the limited area in this way, pressure given out to audiences will be less comparing to standing up the box. Without giving obvious notice of the boundary, the area can still be stated out.

On the other hand, I would put a card writing “YOU ARE ART” or “YOU ARE MAKING ART” on the bottom of the mirror, telling the audiences that body is one of the main medium for making art. We shouldn’t eliminate the possibility of the power of bodies.

Phil Hansen, an artist who doesn’t do artworks traditionally on the canvas, talks about limitations and creativity in a talk at TED. I was inspired after reading this blog. In the coming exhibition, several limitations have been given, such as the topic of analog and the area given to every artwork. However, limitations are something that provides a boundary which can let us explore and experience more specifically among a single topic.

Therefore, I figure out that I should create an artwork, other than just a conceptual body artwork, can also show the intriguing existence of different limitations within the artwork, which I need to spend times on thinking of it.

The dimension of the artwork: size of an easel


Can limitations make you more creative? A Q&A with artist Phil Hansen


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