Process Diary 3



Wood and mirror 木方‧鏡

Analog, the topic, is the word connecting all artworks in the exhibition. My artwork is not going to explain what is analog because the existence of it already is an analog.

What I will do is letting you to become the artist. Normally, a mirror is not on an easel, a painting or drawing is. When you look at the mirror, all you can see is “you”. You are captured as parts of the drawing.

The mirror which is found accidentally in street is full of flaws. We should stay natural like the mirror. No matter how many flaws, that everyone has, you have, you are still an artwork on the easel.

What I want to say is that every single body is an artwork.

Not using cartoon box as one of the elements:
The easel and mirror already are acting as a limitation. The existence of cartoon box distracts you from focusing on the mirror


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